Professional Mediation Services for Personal Injury Litigation in Greenville, South Carolina

Types of Mediation Services We Provide

Greenville Mediation provides mediation and other dispute resolution services for a broad range of cases in litigation, pre-litigation and other types of disputes. Our mediator, Greg Jenkins, has training and experience in several different methods of mediation that can be used depending upon the desires of the parties and needs of the case. These include the most common type of mediation which is the traditional facilitative method that is employed in most personal injuiry, commercial and business disputes; facilitative and problem solving methods employed in most family and divorce mediations; transformative mediation which is the method required by many federal agencies, such as the U.S. Postal Service, as well as many employment and business disputes where there is an ongoing relationship; and the evaluative method in which the parties desire specific input and opinions from the mediator, whether in an early neutral evaluation or other setting. 

Subject Matter Areas for Mediation

Our practice offers mediation for nearly any type of dispute or lawsuit, including:

• Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
• Medical Malpractice
• Product Liability

• Employment
• Commercial & Contract
• Business Disputes & Dissolution
• Professional Liability
• Family & Divorce
• Community & Organizational Disputes


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Traditional Facilitative Mediation

When you are working toward a resolution, get assistance with your evaluations and exchange of information. Our mediator makes no decisions and offers no independent opinions or evaluations of the case. Whether in joint session or separate caucuses, the mediator offers a variety services, like:

• Securing or Providing
  Additional Information
• Exchanging Offers or
  Proposed Solutions
• Evaluating Proposals

Fees for Services

Mediation services are provided at a charge of $240 per hour. This is not a per-party charge, but the total hourly charge divided between the parties. If there are two parties, the charge is $120 per party. Three parties are charged $80 per party. Four parties are charged $60 per party.  In addition, there is a one time non-refundable administrative charge of $80 per party.  Mediation of most litigated civil cases and pre-litigation disputes are scheduled for a minimum of four hours for a half day mediation, or seven hours for a full day mediation.  Any additional time over the minimum is billed at the hourly rate.

Family Mediation

Mediation of Family cases is also provided at an hourly charge of $240 per hour and can be scheduled in shorter blocks of two to three hours over several sessions. There is a onetime nonrefundable administrative fee of $80 per party to schedule mediation. 

Payment Requirements

Fees for a scheduled mediation must be paid 72 hours prior to the mediation date or it is subject to cancellation. Any time in excess of the four or seven hour minimum is billed following the mediation at the rate of $240 per hour.

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